Board-Certified Bariatric Surgery Excellence in Mexico

Dr. Miguel Montalvo is a top-rated bariatric surgeon who will work with you prior to surgery to make sure you know exactly what to expect moving forward. 

Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Proven Results

Dr. Miguel Montalvo has trained with world-renown surgeons, including Elias Ortiz and the entire team of A Lighter Me. After performing thousands of successful weight loss procedures, including the sleeve gastrectomy and rny gastric bypass, Dr. Montalvo’s expertise is top-level.

2,000+ Surgeries

Dr. Montalvo has performed 2000+ successful bariatric procedures and has a less than 0.1% complication rate, significantly less than the national 10% average in the US.


Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.

5-Star Rating

Patient comfort and well-being is always a priority. Because of this, Dr. Montalvo has garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews and patient testimonials.

Sleeve Specialist

While Dr. Montalvo can perform a variety of bariatric procedures, he is well-known for his training and skill of the gastric sleeve which surpass most bariatric surgeons in the world.

Dr. Montalvo with Two Female Patients

Our Procedures

At the forefront of Tijuana’s bariatric medical community, Dr. Montalvo is an expert laparoscopic surgeon rapidly gaining prominence at Mexico Bariatric Center®. Supported by a capable surgical team, every patient is guided and cared for diligently throughout their entire experience so that they can be matched with the best surgery for their goals.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Miguel Montalvo

Gastric Sleeve

In the gastric sleeve, we remove 80-85% of the stomach using one to five mini incisions. This is a restrictive procedures which will reduce the amount of food you are able to consume.

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Miguel Montalvo

RNY Gastric Bypass

The RNY gastric bypass surgery involves creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach and rerouting the small intestine. This limits the amount of calories and nutrients will be absorbed in the stomach.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Miguel Montalvo

Mini Gastric Bypass

While the regular gastric bypass procedure reroutes the small intestines with two anastomoses, the mini gastric bypass uses only one to limit nutrient and calorie absorption.

Training & Accomplishments​

  • Surgery Instructor at Xochicalco University
  • Surgeon at Tijuana Social Security Mexican Institute
  • (2014 -2019) Surgery Assistant of Dr. Elias Ortiz
  • (2016-Present) Active Member of the IFSO
  • (2009-2013) General Surgery Specialty
  • (2000-2005) Undergraduate Degree in Medicine
  • Member of the General Surgery Mexican Association
  • Member of the Tijuana General Surgeons College
  • Certified by the Mexican Counsel of General Surgery
Dr. Miguel Montalvo Collage

Bariatric Surgical Team​

Dr. Miguel Diaz​

Assistant Surgeon

Dr. Miguel Diaz, MD is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS) attendee and obtained his general surgery from prestigious IMSS.

Dr. Nelson Varas​


With over a decade of practicing medicine in  Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Vera is also educated and trained with IMSS Hospital General Region.

Dr. Bertin Angeles​

Assistant Surgeon

As a seasoned professional with years of working together with Dr. Montalvo, Dr. Angeles has the expertise and skills to one day become a lead surgeon with his own bariatric team.

Dr. Esperanza Ruelas​

Chief Nurse

A compassionate and patient-focused nurse who is attentive and ethical with top-quality care for every patient. Dr. Ruelas plays a vital role in pre-surgery, during surgery, and post-surgery.

Meet Dr. Montalvo

“I know that my vast clinical experience and training will allow me to provide optimal care for my patients. I like to believe that my patients are among my family members and I would like my family members to be treated with respect, dignity and love.” – Dr. Miguel Montalvo

Testimonials and Reviews

"I can not explain how thankful I am to Dr. Montalvo for giving me my life back. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was 18. I’ve gone from a size 24 to a 14 in just a few months!"
Shelby Gastric Sleeve Patient with Dr. Miguel Montalvo
Gastric Sleeve
"Never did I think I would be able to smile and be happy with my weight again. I am 67 pounds lighter and it’s only been 4 months !! Thank you for giving me myself back, Dr. Montalvo!!"
Anthony Gastric Sleeve Patient with Dr. Miguel Montalvo
Gastric Sleeve
The best feeling in the world is not being able to fit any of my clothes but it's also the most frustrating! 😆 I am down 100lbs!! I am so thankful for Dr. Montalvo! My advice to anyone on the fence is, Do it!
Laporsha Gastric Sleeve Patient with Dr. Miguel Montalvo
Gastric Sleeve
"125 pounds GONE!!! I totally forgot my 2 year surgery-versary! Is it easy .. NOPE! Is it worth it .. more than you can even imagine!!! The only thing I regret is not having it done sooner! Thank you, Dr Montalvo!"
Valerie Gastric Sleeve Patient with Dr. Miguel Montalvo
Valerie Patient
Gastric Sleeve

Dr. Montalvo with Patients

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